Caroline Ingalls meets Polly Pocket

Addie is letting me guest-star on the blog today. There’s not too much news for her to tell, and I thought you might like some behind-the-scenes info on rv life. Please note, none of this is to be taken as complaining–rather informational. I am in no way allowing myself to even consider complaints as each moment is a gift from my Heavenly Daddy.
I am, however, challenged, but rising to it victoriously–and with a Ma Ingalls smile.
I must admit that whoever designed this vehicle 22 years ago, when I was practically still a baby, was a clever, clever girl. It had to be a girl because every nook and cranny is used for something. Having said that, I find myself challenged to be equally as clever using ONE-TENTH of my usual living space work efficiently for five people. Have I mentioned that I am even grateful that no one in our family rises above 5’9″. No one, I repeat, no one bigger than that should attempt rv life in 28 feet or less. MY knees hit the bathroom door when seated upon the throne. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.
My kitchen was most certainly designed by Polly Pocket. My sweet boys, precious as they are, were pretty sure that I would be cooking squaw-style over a campfire each night and keep us fed. OH NO! That does not satisfy my grocery budget or my taste buds. How many forms of tube shaped meat can one eat? No, I love to eat even more than I love to cook so I am using a teeny, tiny gas stove and as tiny of a budget as possible to cook fabulous meals that surprise my family. Before I left I crammed as much of my coupon-purchased pantry into a few small cupboards. Now, here’s where I impress even myself…

The day before we left or so, we discovered that our hot water lines were damaged beyond what we had time or ability to fix. No problem, we thought! We’ll just use campground showers and our solar shower bag. Campground showers deserve their very own blog installment on a different day. Imagine my dismay when two or so days into the trip when the water pump also died. This means that no water can run from our neat tank under the couch through any faucet. This also means all water used is hauled in by jugs. See why I had three kids? So, to make coffee or wash dishes, I am much like an Ingalls woman~gather and heat the water.
Now, shall we talk about the counter space that is measured in inches, not feet? Let’s just say that when not in use, my microwave and stove double as storage for dishes and pots so there is much shifting to create anything.
We have learned that five towels a day can hang from knobs to dry for tomorrow. They look so colorful hanging around here. We have learned that riding your bike in your pj’s with no makeup on and with major bedhead and a Meijer bag over your shoulder is really kind of cool in a way~especially since no one will ever see us again anyway. Right? We’ve learned that showering with dragonflies and various other flying things in an open-air shower is kind of exhilarating in it’s own way. We’ve learned even more than usual that to be successful in anything, even washing our hands, we need to function as a team. We’ve learned that good attitudes and a smile go even farther than usual.

I try not to dwell on the fact that Justin moves upon the close of this trip. I refuse to ruin these precious moments being melancholy. I am reminded each day of how God chooses family members and puts them together to function so beautifully together when willing to be used. I choose to focus on how very amazing it is that we can do this and still can’t wait for the next day together. Only God.
Every day that we’ve been driving we’ve memorized verses together. I will close with our latest–from memory, mind you. :o)
Psalm 9:1,2
I’m thanking you from a full heart, God! I’m writing the book on Your wonders. I’m whistling, laughing, and jumping for joy. I’m singing Your song, High God.


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