Earl had better keep to himself.

Not a whole lot to share today, we’re pretty much just chillin in Virginia. Honestly, Virginia is not my favorite place in the whole world. It’s like a big oven! You can’t even go hang out outside without sweating a gallon. But I am definitely grateful for the time away from the normal routine, I think everyone in my family is. And we are all definitely anticipating going out west! 🙂
So today I was reading up on Hurricane Earl. He doesn’t seem like the friendliest fella around. The Governor of Virgina has declared it an emergency, expecting it to hit Thursday night. We called the front desk of the campground we’re staying at, and asked if they knew any more of what to expect. They said that most likely there will be some wind and rain, and that we shouldn’t worry about it. We’re pretty inland, so here’s hoping they’re right!! I guess the good thing about living on wheels is that if danger is coming, you drive away 🙂 we’re all just praying it won’t come to that.
Tomorrow we’re going to George Washington’s house!! Mount Vernon, is what its really called. I’m SO excited!! Mom, Justin, Kyrsten, and I went a couple years ago, but honestly I don’t remember it. haha. So tomorrow will be like a whole new experience for Dad and I!! (: There’s a petting farm (YES!!!), And you get to tour George Washington’s actual plantation, his house, everything. It’s going to be big fun!
I will definitely write tomorrow and tell you all about Mount Vernon and whatever else we end up doing. (:


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