Just some more stuff.

Hey everybody! Sorry there hasn’t been an update for awhile. The wifi was too slow for blogging at our last campsite!! But here we are 🙂

Thursday we went to George Washington’s house, and it was so cool!! We were nervous about how Lily would do, because there’s a lot of animals there. When we first walked in, we were greeted by some sheep, and Lily ran right up and kissed them! It was so cute.

Then we went and toured his house, we got to see where he died and all of the original decorations and a bunch of other stuff. At his house, they have people dress up and pretend to be random relatives of George Washington,

and there’s also people who pretend to be his slaves, and it is just suuuper uncomfortable because there’s nothing to talk about with them because they’re just lying about everything!! They use pretend accents, and they just make up a bunch of things…it’s awkward. What do you say to a pretend slave–“Hey nice shoes”, they would just look at you like you’re crazy!!

There was a bunch of other cool things about his house, we saw his tomb, went to a museum about him, and yeah it is basically just a super cool place!! 🙂

On Friday, Dad, Kyrsten, and I went to Starbucks for the morning because mom wasn’t feeling great and we were just looking to get out of the RV for a bit 🙂 we didn’t end up doing much of anything else for the day. But…
On Saturday, we went to Washington DC!! We went there a couple of years ago, and most of us loved it, so we decided to go back for an afternoon. After we finally found a parking place, we went to the Lincoln Memorial and the National Mall, with the Reflective Pool. It was cool to see those things again; last time we were in DC it was Memorial day so everything was PACKED. So this time we were able to enjoy it more!!

Saturday night, the owners of the campground had a smores party down by the offices. We hadn’t planned on going because…well, it just seems kind of weird to go eat smores with a bunch of random strangers. We drove by to see how busy it was, and nobody was there except for the three owners. It was really sad to see the little old people sitting there by themselves because nobody wanted to go to their party, so Dad, Kyrsten, and I decided to go. They looked so excited when we pulled up. It was so cute! Their names were George, Mary, and Phyllis, and the three of them ran the campground. They were just the sweetest people EVER and they talked with us for a while. Mary asked me when I was graduating, and what I wanted to do with my life after that, and when I told her I wanted to be a missionary she got all excited, said, “Well God bless you!”, and told me all about her grandson who is a missionary in South America. It was so nice to meet such sweet people, because so far we haven’t found a lot of friendly people here. In the stores here a lot of the people have been so pushy and rude! It’s really discouraging. We’ve just been praying everyday that God will use us to be an example for Him.
Monday, we decided to go for a walk in a national forest that was a few miles away. We ended up going for our walk around 6:30, not realizing that it got dark at 7:30. We got a little turned around while we were in the woods-and it got dark pretty fast. It was a bit unnerving. While we were super deep in the woods, we came across just one lone tent out in the middle of this national forest, and then out of no where there was this super loud noise that sounded like a stringed instrument that just started playing out of the blue! It scared the mess out of us. Haha. It sounded like something that would be on “The Village”. We still don’t know where the music came from, we were just freaked out and started heading back the way that we came. It kept getting darker and darker until we couldn’t even see where we were walking. I turned on some worship music on my phone and we all just started praying that God would help get us out because we really had no idea where we were. Eventually we got out, and we were all SO relieved. The State Park Ranger was coming to close the gates for the night when we finally got to our car, we were soooo close to having to spend the night out there!! God is good to us…
We had been planning on leaving Virginia Tuesday morning. We had everything all ready to go, and we got in the RV and it wouldn’t start up. So the boys spent the day trying to figure out what was wrong, and by about 5:00 pm they figured out what was wrong, and got it fixed so we won’t have any more problems with it—PTL! We stayed one more night in at the campground that we had been at for over a week, we were definitely ready to leave.
Wednesday Dad lined up a business thing in Bridgeport Virginia, so we set off and when we got there, there was no cell phone service at all. Which was really bad for us because Dad had to do some stuff for his work, and he has to have a phone to do that. So we drove into a town nearby and sat at a McDonalds in the RV for the evening. It’s funny how you find ways to entertain yourself for hours and hours in the RV. Texting is a great time passer. So is reading. But Kyrsten and I found like the most fun thing ever to do when it’s night in the RV and we’re bored out of our minds…Shadow puppets. We crank up the music and use crazy accents and put on a whole little foreign puppet dance party. Hahaha. Somehow its’ really entertaining, and we do it until we get things shouted at us such as; “Girls! That’s enough-you’re so loud!” Or, “SHUT UP!” ☺
So on Thursday morning Mom and Dad told us that there were these big huge chimneys at the campground we were staying at, and that we had to go see them before we left! I was confused. Why would I care about seeing a bunch of chimneys? Lol. They were actually these huge, natural, God made chimneys that were like….really tall. My mom took some pictures; she’ll probably put them on Facebook. Because it sounds really lame, but it was actually really cool! There were caves and stuff that we got to go in. It was neat.

After that, we drove Dad up to his client’s office in the RV, and we just chilled in the RV while Dad did his business stuff. Mom made grilled cheese sandwiches in the parking lot! It was funny stuff. After Dad got done, we went to an Amish farmers market, and we got a bag full of just the marshmallows that are in Lucky Charms! And we got beef jerky and apples, all made from the Amish. I just love those guys.

Oh I have a funny story. Yesterday, my neck was super sore, and my mom was trying to think of stuff to give me to make me feel better. So we were just driving down the road, and my mom looks at me and says super loud, “I HAVE BEEN GAY!”…What??? I just stared at her and couldn’t even think of anything to say to that. She started laughing super hard as I just stared at her, and she told me about Bengay, a muscle cream that makes your muscles feel better. ☺ Needless to say, I was very relieved to hear that she wasn’t coming out of the closet. We had a really good laugh about that.
And that leads up to today. We are back in West Virginia for the next few days. We’re staying at a super cool campground, and like everything about except for the showers! They’re moldy and super dirty, and we get to scrub up with little roaches and spiders watching us! Yeah. It’s not a good time. But at least we have showers, so we don’t smell like stink ☺
It’s super hard to blog out here, that’s why I haven’t been able to in so long! I will blog again as soon as I can. Hope you all have a nice day.


2 thoughts on “Just some more stuff.

  1. Not trying to be a jerk, but I must correct my darling daughter on one thing. They were not slaves at Mt. Vernon. They were hired servants and they were in character to help make the experience more interesting. They answered questions and it was really cool. Also, the people with accents were pretending to be George’s niece and some Marquis from France.There. Had to say it.

  2. Just love those Amish lucky charms 🙂 They are the best. Love the updates. I don’t think it could get any better than written from our dear Addie, just saying. A guest appearance from a few more of you would be cool too. Love Ma Ingalls and Polly pocket story. You are amazing! – Legohi1

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