Food poisoning, and some other adventures.

We’re in West Virginia! Couple more days until we’ll be heading out. We’re having a good time, but we’re definitely looking forward to moving on!!

A couple days ago, we got to go biking in the mountains. What an adventure that was. A few family members; Dad, Justin, and Kyrsten, were smart and started conditioning before we left. It’s safe to say that they had a bit of an easier time than Mom and I 🙂 The view and overall experience was worth it, but my goodness what a workout that was. I guess we’re building up for the Rocky’s though. Oh boy I can hardly wait. :/ haha

Last night we had the opportunity to go out to dinner with one of my Dad’s business people. They were really cool! A few days before when my dad had met up with him, he heard we were campers, and they let us have these awesome electric scooters that they used to use! They are SO much fun, the kids and I have been just zooming all over the campground here, its a blast!

Anyway, last night they took us to Oliverio’s, a really yummy restaurant that’s here. As soon as we finished eating Mom’s stomach started to get upset. By the time we got back she was sooo pale and her eyes were crazy and she looked really bad. It got even worse; honestly, I have never seen her so sick in my life. It was really bad, and she was throwing up and having stomach cramps and everything…it was not good. She had a pretty rough night, but she’s better today, except for being tired from not sleeping well. So yeah we’re sure it was food poisoning. Freaky stuff!

Lily has made some friends! There’s a couple little neighbor dogs that she’s hanging out with. They’re rat terriers so they look kind of like her, she’s being a good friend for the most part, but she tried to go over there today for a surprise visit, and we had to explain to her that that isn’t very good manners! 🙂

There’s really not a whole lot else to write about right now! I’ll blog some more when we’re in Miami because they have wi-fi at the campground we’re going to be staying at!


One thought on “Food poisoning, and some other adventures.

  1. Well, I’m trying to post, haven’t been able to before. Anyway, hope you are doin’ much better now, Al. That is not a fun way to be livin’ on a tiny toity–or even on a big one for that matter. Sounds like you’re racking up the memories and I’m so happy for you all. Can’t believe you’ve been gone over 3 weeks already and so much more of your journey left. Praying for you all and Mable too. love ya.

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