So I (Christian) was asked to guest-star on the Blog tonight…”they really want to hear from your perspective”…I feel they’ve been educated too well on making a sales pitch, or in light of the Spiritual training…making an appeal.

So looking back over the past posts…I would love to say we’ve been training circus monkeys or taming savage moose however its been more about finishing a month of living in the VA/WVA campgrounds. I must say I never knew WVA to be soo beautiful, the mountains provide great exploratory adventures and blisters to prove it! Between Rockclimbing, Caves, water snakes and dodging falling Acorns (Red Oaks Acorns are MUCH heavier and larger than the typical MI Oak trees), we lived big in WVA!

To catch everybody up on the past 5 days, Thursday was Rain, Friday was food with Friends (Critchfields)and slight modifications to RV which added an additional 10′ to the back of the RV thanks to the Engine Management Specialists of WVA (Tim and Debbie). We were richly blessed by Tim and Debbie with 2 Schwinn scooters and a carrier that mounts in front of the bike mount off the back of our 28′ rig. Although it’s a 1988 Fleetwood, we refer to Mable as Vintage and she draws some great attention by the older/wiser generations in the campgrounds…probably reminiscing about when they bought their first RV! We are blessed to have her and she runs AWESOME…NOW!

Friday Night was spent in another Walmart parking lot. A late start left us lot-less for the night. It’s always exciting when the shift change happens in the middle of the night. Although the average Walmart workers are helpful, the night shift leaves people restless and inquisitive as to the temporary tenants (us). The thought of a full “waste-tank” to send a message has crossed my mind a few times.

Saturday we landed in a nice campground in WVA that provided too many hills on a mountain biking adventure for Justin and me. How you can take an 8 mile mountain biking trip and 9 of the miles is uphill is beyond me. That Lance Armstrong has become a hero of ours recently.
A Sunday hike with the girls made for a great day to worship God for what He created…being prostrate before HIM took on a new meaning! HE spared us from a VERY close encounter on one occasion with an alarmed 4′ water snake and gave us the energy to press on. I think I’m learning that in all of Moses’ and David’s wandering/running…it tired them out so they would have to be still and listen to HIM.

Monday…today…woke up in Babcock WVA, finishing our last night in WVA. We’re moving on to take on the South.
So these 2 cool new scooters have been a hit with the family…so much a hit that we now need a new tire on one of the models. Which leaves us temporarily with one solo scoot and 3 girls headed for the shower. You’d think that there would be a huge war between who gets the scooter, but my wise as Solomon wife has found a way to keep the girls from arguing. This morning…with the stealth of bigfoot and the cunning of a serpent…my wife in her pre-shower glory sped swiftly away from her daughters to prevent a squabble on the only scooter. I’m not sure which was funnier…her speeding away laughing like the witch of the west, or the pre-preparation girls riding frantically on their bikes after her in chase.

Tomorrow brings a new day with new adventures…headed towards Miami after handling some business in the Carolinas. Keep an eye out for the pictures being posted on FB. Morning starts with the rise of the sun…time to start clearing off the storage area which doubles as our bed…Goodnight world.


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