We’re having a *swell* time :)

Hi everybody!
We’re finally out of the Virginias! πŸ™‚ I don’t think we could be any happier about that.
It was quite a journey to get here, and I think that we’re all content to sit tight here for a week or so.
So we started out our journey last week, and our first stop was North Carolina. We didn’t really do anything exciting, we just stayed one night there. In South Carolina, we stayed at a Yogi Bear campground for just one night as well. The morning that we were supposed to set off for Georgia, my dad found out that the engines didn’t ship, and we had to consider going back to Virginia :O Thank the Lord we didn’t, and we were able to set off for Georgia later that day πŸ™‚
Every day that we drove, we made it about 150-200 miles. It takes 4-5 hours or so to go that much, when you factor in gas stops and Lily’s potty stops πŸ™‚ All the days that we were driving, it was really hot, and we don’t have air conditioning in the RV except for when we’re stopped. So that makes for a really sweaty, long afternoon. It was super duper humid, and due to that and some other factors, Kyrsten and my feet swelled up! We looked like Ogres or Wild Things or something, it was really funny looking and very uncomfortable. We had a brief meltdown due to the chubby feet, but thankfully we’re back to our normal foot size now πŸ™‚ Along with chubby feet, on the day that we were in South Carolina, my upper lip also decided to swell up! I looked like a duck. It was really weird and we have no idea why that happened. It lasted for about 16 hours, but after a good night of sleep due to the Benadryl, it was about back to normal…
So I think it was Wednesday that we drove to Georgia. We ended up staying at an RV resort that was just south of Savannah. The RV resort was SO gorgeous! They had a dog park for Lily and the bathrooms were the most beautiful public bathrooms ever! It was a really nice break from the state park bathrooms and showers.
Thursday we went to Tomoka State Park in Florida! It was like staying in a very wild jungle. The guy told us not to go out at night because there were rattlesnakes, we had fire ants try and take over the RV, and we saw an alligator in the river behind our RV. It was craziness, but we had a ton of fun!

Friday, my bottom lip decided to swell up! It looked like I was pouting for 6 solid hours! I don’t know if I got bit by something or what, but I sure do hope that never happens again, it was no fun.
Anyway, we left to go to Naples Florida to see Grandpa and Grandma Josefina. It was just downright beautiful there. I would live there in a heartbeat! They take us right in and let us stay in their house with them, we got to sleep in real beds! Grandma Jo made us amazing, authentic Mexican food, and we got to spend the days relaxing on their farm. They have three awesome dogs that us kids and Lily spent a lot of the time with, and they have goats and chickens too. We had a blast.

We left last night after spending 2 nights there, and had quite a time getting here. We had to stop and pick up a rental car for Dad at an airport in Miami…Do you have any idea what it is like to drive the RV around the airport?? They don’t make it very accessible to big vehicles. We drove up to go in the rental place, and just barely caught it that we are too tall to fit in there, thank goodness we caught it before we ripped the top off! And the drivers were just merciless; coming up behind us and laying on their horns and being very impatient. If they knew what it was like to drive the RV, they’d be a little nicer. We ended up having to park in a tow-away zone while Dad jumped bushes and ran across the street to the airport. A car was blocked in from the way that we were parked, so Mom got a chance to drive the RV for the first time! We quickly found a different tow-away zone close by to park in, thankfully, so she didn’t have to go far. It was a pretty stressful night, but here we are!
This RV park is just wonderful. The bathrooms and showers are clean, and they have the prettiest circle pool I’ve ever seen. We’re going to be extremely tanned by the time we are done here πŸ™‚
For dinner tonight, we are having grilled salmon, baked potatoes, and no bake cookies! All prepared in our baby kitchen, by Mom. I don’t even know how she does it, but I’m going to go get some while its hot. πŸ™‚
I will update some more as soon as we have more stuff to share! Thanks everybody for keeping up with us!!


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