(For everyone who doesn’t speak cowboy, I believe that means “Hello”) 🙂
I think my mom updated this last when we were in Mississippi. It has been about 6 days, and a whole bunch has happened because…WE ARE FINALLY OUT WEST!!
Last week while we were in Mississippi, I came down with a chest cold. That was a bummer, and a couple family members were extremely scared of catching it.

They were crazy, like before they’d sit on the couch, “Mom, Addie sat here 3 days ago, do you think I’m going to catch her cold?” or, “Mom, Addie touched the faucet in the bathroom, do you think I’m gonna get sick?” They were like that for days. My goodness, you’d think I had the black plague! And even after all that, Kyrsten caught it, but hers only lasted a day. So we are all back to 100%– thank you, Jesus!

Last Wednesday and Thursday we were in Arkansas. We were hoping to just spend one night, Wednesday, and jet in the morning, but something was wrong with our refrigerator. So we went to an RV store, and the guy didn’t have the part in, so he ordered the part to come in the next day. We had all of Wednesday to hang out in Arkansas. I think we just like went to Walmart and stuff, nothing super exciting.

On Friday, we got our refrigerator all taken care of. So we took off towards Oklahoma. We got through Oklahoma and half of Kansas in a day.

The campground we stayed at in Kansas was so lame! There aren’t exactly a ton of options out there 🙂 The campground people told us to park right out in their front yard. Literally. That was awkward. In their bathrooms the hot water ran out mid-shower, and they had a window right in front of the showers, and there was an RV parked right next to that window. There wasn’t even an area to get dressed, except in front of that dumb window. Whoever designed that has some issues, I believe. Haha.

On Saturday, we were driving through Kansas when all of the sudden…Dorothy ran out of the field!! Haha I’m just kidding, that would’ve been awesome though. Anyway, all the sudden, a chunk of the RV goes flying off into the wind!! We were on the Highway so we couldn’t even go back and get it. So we pulled off the road and saw that a 2 foot by 2 foot piece of the paneling on the outside of the RV was just gone. We found the nearest Home Depot, and us ladies sat in the RV for the day while the boys fixed it up. They bought some fancy sheet metal and a new drill, and cut a piece to fit the bare spot. What bright young men. It looks lovely.

We decided to keep on heading towards Colorado that night, because we really wanted to go to New Life Church in Colorado Springs the next morning!
So dad, being the good sport that he is, drove and drove until we got to Colorado Springs! I went to sleep about 2 hours before we got there the night before, so the next morning I woke up in the Rocky Mountains, it was beautiful. We had to get up very early and quickly pack up so we could get to church on time, but it was so worth it! The worship was great and the sermon was great, I would love to go back there.

Right after church we hopped back in the RV and started driving some more. We stopped for a little bit to go to Cabelas…are you aware of how awesome Cabelas is?? I wasn’t, but I love that place now! It is like a zoo, except that everything is dead! There’s guns and meat and animals…does it get any better than that? Nope, I don’t think so. 🙂 we didn’t sleep at a campground last night, we stayed at Walmart in their parking lot. That is called dry camping, and when you dry camp, you don’t have any electricity or shower. So we only do it when absolutely necessary. We all wore thermal underwear to sleep last night because we didn’t have heat and it was in the 40’s. We all looked like superheros gone bad or something, I can only imagine what people would’ve thought if they would’ve seen us all of us like that.
I have some more stuff to write about, but I am gonna have to wait until another day. So I will talk at you all later, thanks for the comments and stuff, we love you all!

One thought on “Yeeeeehaaawwww!!!!

  1. “It’s like a zoo, except everything is dead”..that is the best. :o) Yes, Cabela’s is awesome… You should have gotten a “superhero” picture of y’all in your “longies”…too cute, I’m sure. So excited to hear about your next adventures. Godspeed Mable! Love you all

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