Alison again…

It’s a beautiful thing to sit still once in a while. On this trip, it happens every few weeks and just feels like a treat. When we are on the move, a typical day goes like this. Wake up pretty early, the girls head to the showers and then when we get back, the boys. Someone has to wait in the rv with Lily so she doesn’t howl in here and get us in trouble. Then the girls get ready while the boys are gone (more space) and then we all start packing up. No small project, let me tell you. All unsecured items find homes,much sewage finds a new home, and sweeping, and stashing…the list goes on. Around here the phrase “a place for everything and everything in its place” has a whole new meaning. During all of this, Christian has been up much earlier than us and working as well. Then we drive. And on this leg of the trip where chain restaurants rarely exist, we find whatever sounds edible to eat or stop long enough to heat something up on the stove. When each gas stop every 150 miles costs around $80, we try to be extremely cost-conscious. Each gas stop entails about 15 minutes of work for the boys as they jack up the back of the rv to get gas in. Christian uses stops to get work done and also has to balance driving with answering calls. The girls are working faithfully on their school during the drive as long as we aren’t on crazy mountain roads because stomachs, school, and rv’s on curves are not a terrific combination. After most of a day, we begin to solidify our destination and start looking for campgrounds with good reviews. We finally arrive, perhaps make dinner, clean up dinner (an hour project), probably use the campground’s laundry facilities, charge all our rectangles (iPods, computers, ipads, phones), and start tearing down our living space to sleep. Then, one at a time we begin getting ready for bed. In this space, that takes about an hour. There, that’s probably way more than you wanted to know, but gives perhaps a glimpse.
We are currently in Idaho and loving every minute of it; well, almost every minute. Christian is away from us at a business convention in Atlanta so we feel a little off having been five so tightly joined for all this time. We are super happy to be here of all places so far. We are just a Teton Pass away from Jackson Hole, Wyoming which is the first place that really feels like the Old West, somehow. It’s tucked down between the Tetons and Yellowstone and very eclectic and cool. Our teeny town of Victor has 800 people and some AMAZING food. No chain anything. Only markets for food and real chefs at the few restaurants that are still open past September. No one believes us that God is giving them this weather because we asked Him for it. It’s in the 60’s during the day and 20’s at night. Space heaters and long johns are two of my favorite things.
Today we climbed a mountain. I try so hard to be a good sport and keep up with these people, but I really should have conditioned with them before we left. :o[ They keep trying to tell me the altitude is to blame. “Don’t feel bad, Momma!” they say, as I pant like an elderly person. But, in my defense, we went almost four miles (two of which were severely uphill) and we were at 9750 feet! And I do smile periodically!

By the end of the week we will be back on the road. Five states left!!! We will be looking for a Walmart pretty quick-like since Momma needs a new pillow. Somehow, I can’t find it within myself to clean and use the one Lily POOPED on! There is great debate over whether or not that was intentional or not.

Tomorrow is Justin’s nineteenth birthday. Wow! I really don’t have words about that. This trip is so bittersweet in that this has been a dream of ours for almost 20 years and we are really doing it, yet when it is over and we go home, we say goodbye to life as we have known it and send our son off to the real world. Was it wise to have gotten as close as we are? I know it was beyond the best thing, but even now to write about it takes me to a place I really can’t go…deep breath…
Maybe tomorrow we’ll go feed some baby bears! We shall see what my son cooks up for a birthday wish! For now, I will go start the bedtime process…


One thought on “Ahhhh…

  1. Happy Birthday to Justin! And only 5 states to go-that is so awesome! And no, it was not a bad choice for you all to get so close. There are many people who I am sure would love to feel that closeness with their families. Savor this special time and keep on truckin’! Love to you all!

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