I can’t think of a good title.

Hey it’s Addie ☺
We are on the road again; 369 miles today to cover, on our way to Oregon.
We have been gone for 9 weeks exactly. WHOA!! That is a super long time to be living this kind of life style. For me, I remind myself everyday what an amazing opportunity this is, because its very easy to get homesick when you’re far away from everybody you love for so long! I am so happy to be here, doing this, but let me tell ya, I am going to be very content to settle in back at home for a good long time (:

There are so many things about this trip that make it unique. The time we’ve been gone is a big thing; if you think about going for this long of time without seeing people you know, it’s a weird thing. You don’t just bump into somebody familiar at Meijer…sometimes that’s a good thing, but it can get kind of lonely. Another thing that’s totally crazy about this, is just all the different lifestyles, cultures, and ways of life that are completely different than ours, but we are, in a way, forced to live in for days, or weeks at a time. An example…Jackson, Wyoming is one of the coolest places I’ve been. Everything you eat came from all organic, whole food stores, and every restaurant had a big city chef who prepared everything. How cool is that? Another thing that caught my attention was that it seemed like the people there really didn’t give a care about what other people thought about them. If they wanted to go out in sweatpants that were several sizes too small, and not even bother to brush their hair; they didn’t think twice about it. There was an art gallery on every corner. Free thought and expression was just a way of life. Some of the things about it were very appealing…heck, who wouldn’t prefer an all-natural pure beef burger to a mystery meat?? But it seemed to me, that there was a complete lack of God in the whole city. We didn’t see one church for 600 miles! I want to be careful here, because I’m honestly not trying to ruffle feathers, and I know that it is not my place to judge people. I’m not trying to do that, I am simply sharing an observation…It seemed like…people had it figured out how they wanted to live their lives, and they just did it, regardless of what other people were going to think about it. In our family, that kind of thinking is the opposite of what we do. I believe, through and through, that selflessness is what Christ wants for us. We were not created to look out for ourselves, and our interests, and what suits us, and live for what we feel we want. God has called us to love Him first, but the second most important thing we were called for, was to love other people. To be selfless, and consider other people around us before we just act. It didn’t feel like that was everyone’s first concern there. The more I’ve travelled, the more I see that America has got to be one of the most difficult mission fields in the world. I know that must sound funny, but honestly, what is so dangerous about America, is that mostly everyone has heard about Christ. People know deep down what is right and wrong, but instead of choosing the kind of lifestyle where you have to make an effort on a daily basis to do what is right before doing what you want to do, a lot of Americans would rather do what feels good in the moment than give that type of immediate enjoyment up for something they can’t see with their eyes. That kind of thought process has made people so stubborn, and set in their ways—set in rebelling, really, that it is so hard to convince people to embrace what they’re living against. It is so intimidating to look somebody in the face who has convinced themselves that they are content with their lifestyle, and that they have convinced themselves that they are complete with doing what they want to do, and to imagine asking them to give that all up…. they would think we are absolutely bonkers.
I have been out of the whole church setting for a while due to all of our travels, so I have turned to podcasts from New Life Church, and Hillsong Church for “spiritual food”. I recently heard one from New Life Church, and the Pastor was talking about how he and a team of youth had just gotten back from Europe. It wasn’t a missions trip, the purpose of the their trip was to go to all the places that have seen a complete revival for Christ, and pray for that same type of revival to happen again today, in those same places. He talked about how in the 1800’s, a 12-year-old boy in some city in Germany, felt God prompting him to pray daily for a revival in his city. He prayed every day for eleven years for that to happen, and when he was 23 years old, a complete unexplainable revival happened to his city. Every bar in his city went out of business. The crime rate didn’t just go down, it disappeared. The police in the town weren’t even needed anymore, and they wore white gloves symbolizing the purity and wholeness in their town. People were coming to Christ on their way to church. Who is to say that that kind of revival cannot happen again today in America?? We still serve the same God! He hasn’t changed. People have always been lost. Who are we to box Him in and believe that these people who we meet every day, who are so lost, cannot find Him in that same huge way again? It is so easy to take for granted the power and the opportunities that we have all been given, through Jesus Christ. The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead is the same Spirit that we have in us today. So I pray daily for Holy Spirit boldness, and a complete Jesus Christ revival in all of these cities where the people are so lost. I know that He can do it again.
Just a thought…

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