Faith is Law

We had an incredible weekend.

Before I tell you about it, I should back up a bit.
I met a girl named Hannah on a Christian teen website about 3 or 4 years ago. She is my age, and we have so much in common, but she lives in Flagstaff, Arizona. We have kept in touch all these years, we talk all the time and we pray for each other about everything. I have felt safe with sharing stuff with her that I haven’t shared with anyone else because I just have always known that she has my back. So as we were planning the trip, we decided to set aside some time where I could go and meet Hannah. We didn’t have any idea when we would be passing through Arizona, but it ended up being on my birthday!

So, on Thursday we had the privilege of going out to dinner with Hannah and her family. When we were able to see each other for the first time in person, it was SO awesome! We all got a little emotional. It was crazy how our entire families just clicked as soon we met—it was as if we’ve known them for our whole lives, when in reality, they were strangers! How cool is that?! I went back to her house with her and spent 2 nights, and I seriously had the best time that I have had on this whole trip. We stayed up late both nights and talked and we just hung out and I just felt so loved by her whole family. On Sunday, our family went back over to their house again, and had what we called “Fajita Fellowship” (: We had yummy fajitas from a restaurant recently featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives!! Literally everyone in both of our families was having such an awesome time! Hannah has a sister, Mercy, who is 14, and she and Kyrsten were like sisters by the time the night was over. My Mom and Linda were instant friends as were my Dad and Ed. We just had a blast.
While we were there, Hannah’s family told us about a college where one of the girls was trying to put a poster up on the wall, but she didn’t have any tape. So this girl prayed that God would use this penny that she had in her pocket, to stick the poster up to the wall. God stuck the poster to the wall with the penny that she had. They started telling us about this thing that they did, where they had a lady over, and they all would pray that a penny would stick to the wall, and it did. So by this point, we were all thinking this was cool, but a little far out. Haha. I mean, really, what kind of sense does that make? Well Hannah’s younger brother, Eddie (age 9), grabbed a penny, walked up to the wall, and said “Lord, we have enough faith to believe that you will stick this penny to the wall”. Eddie let go of the penny, and it was just sticking to the wall. I still didn’t really believe it at this point, I kept asking, “Are you guys just trying to trick us?” I thought that they put something on the penny that would make it stick. They handed me a penny, and said “Go pray for it to stick to the wall, you have to have faith that it will stick.” So I prayed that God would stick the penny to the wall, and it did!! I am serious, it was like sticking up on the wall! For the next 2 hours everyone was running around the house sticking pennies to everything—door hinges, ceilings, walls, the trim; and sometimes the pennies wouldn’t stick, but for the most part, the pennies were sticking. I know this probably sounds a little cracked out. Like really, why would God stick a penny to the wall for us? Well, why not? All of us were trying our faith, we all felt completely insane when we were trying to defy the law of gravity by believing that a penny was just going to stick to the wall. I believe that God was giving us an example of what our faith can do. God said that with faith, we can move mountains; so is sticking a penny to the wall too much faith? I don’t think so. It was like evidence that He was there. It was proof that our God is bigger than science.It was one of the coolest things ever! 2 of the pennies are still sticking to the wall right now (:

We can’t even wait to see our new family again (:

And today we went to the Grand Canyon! Wow. I can’t even think of what to say about it, except that it is incredible and we had a blast…

We are slowly starting our journey home now. We have quite a ways to go, and it’ll take a bit, but we’re getting there. We still have some more awesome stuff planned though, and we’ll continue blogging until we get home. 🙂
Love you guys!


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