Kyrsten’s Birthday

Hey! It’s Kyrsten!
It’s finally my turn to write. Wednesday night we ate at Lotaburger (which was really good for fast food) and stayed overnight in Albuquerque, New Mexico, which was our 48th state!

The next morning my family surprised me and took me to the Apple store in Albuquerque, where I traded in my old iPod for a brand new iPod touch for my birthday.

We then traveled to Amarillo, Texas, where we stayed overnight, only to find 6 inches of snow on the ground the next morning! Fortunately, we had already decided to stay a few more nights, partly because the campground had an indoor pool, air hockey, and ping pong (a new found love of our family). So we hung out and played that day.

Justin and I even built a snowman, which we found some people taking pictures of.

The next morning was my birthday! I woke up to a bunch of smiling faces and “Happy Birthdays” all around.
Mom made apple pancakes and bacon for breakfast, then we all swam at the SUPER warm pool and hot tub. After long showers, we headed out to an early dinner at the Saltgrass Steakhouse, which was amazing!!!

We then went over to Target, where Justin and Addie let me pick out some Christmas PJ’s, slippers, and a T-shirt (Christmas Pajamas and slippers are some of my favorite things ever!) They also got me a Christmas CD.
We stayed one more day at that campground, and on Monday we came to this AWESOME Dude Ranch. The people have been really friendly, and they made us steaks and peach cobbler for my birthday. The next day the man who works here took us on a three hour horseback ride, which was one of the highlights of the trip. At first, all of our family’s horses took off really fast! I was almost in tears because my horse wouldn’t stop even though I yelled “Woah” like a million times and jerked on the reigns, and Mom and Addie were laughing so hysterically they almost fell off. But the time was most enjoyable. He even took us through an area of cows and buffalo! I was really nervous.

And then we were supposed to leave today, but the wind gusts were up to 40-50 mile an hour gusts, and that would be really dangerous for Mable to drive in, so we stayed another day. We laid low and relaxed today, and the lady that works here is making us burgers tonight. Tomorrow we start the long trek home, which a lot of us aren’t liking the idea of because our trip is almost over. But our trip was soooo fun and we thank God all the time for the great opportunity He has given us. Well, I hope to see you soon!


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