Justin’s viewpoint…

Ok, so I guess it’s finally my turn to write the blog, I put it off the whole time but now it’s my turn. I’m pretty much just going to explain what this trip has been overall from my perspective, basically a big highlight reel ha ha.
My favorite thing I’ve seen on this trip has been buffalo. I love those guys. In Yellowstone we saw the biggest on the trip and it doesn’t even seem real how big they are. Almost like an elephant or something.

My favorite day was probably spelunking in Wyoming. Dad and I pushed the limits as to how tight a space we could fit in and it was only by Gods grace that we didn’t get stuck. At one point it was no more than fourteen to eighteen inches from the roof to the ceiling and no wider than two feet. It will definitely be someplace I go explore more at some point in my life, but probably with more safety gear.
The coolest things I got on this trip are my cowboy boots, and not just because they look AWESOME, but because of all the memories that are attached to them. I got them new at Wall Drug in Wall South Dakota, and have tried to take such good care of them they only have two scratches. The first scratch was in Yellowstone the day Mom and Kyrsten and I got close to the bear. While Mom and Kyrsten were looking at him I saw the bear’s fresh kill and decided I wanted some teeth from it. So, while prying the rear molars out of the skull the jaw broke and scratched my left boot.
The other scratch came in the Grand Canyon while I was climbing the edge; my right boot slipped and scratched the inner part of the toe. At first I was bummed when it happened, but now I laugh because I bet I sound like Daniel Boone or something when I tell both of those stories.

I think more than anything this trip has shown me how over-complicated we all make our lives. Tomorrow will be thirteen weeks out on the road, and for the past thirteen weeks the five of us and the dog have lived in one hundred and eighty square feet. I personally have only used public toilets so that I wouldn’t have to empty my own sewage and so everyone else wouldn’t have to put up with it. I’ve slept on a beat up nasty couch and wandered around countless states in the dark to let Lily out to go potty in the night. I’ve pushed a fifteen thousand pound RV through the desert and in the mountains, repaired it in one hundred degrees and in thirty degrees because there was no other choice. But I wouldn’t trade any of it, and I do mean any of it, for the world. Because in the end, that IS the world–what I’ve done and where I’ve been and who I’ve met on this trip is the world in a nutshell. And the world rocks.
The End.


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