A love story

Disclaimer: This is a sappy one. If you’re not up for a good love story, stop now. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

Twenty one years ago today, this moment changed the world forever.

Well, we were 21 years younger then so use your imagination.

After a volleyball game I got kissed and the earth shifted. Not your average kiss. Not your average guy. Average stopped here and has never been found again.

Two lonely kids fell in love, defied the odds and God took what the enemy intended to use to wipe us out to write a story that is entirely His. And we jumped out of the box for the first of many, many times.

Ours is a story of mistakes, and grace. It may not have always been a bed of roses, but I prefer a handful of daffodils from the side of the road anyday.

In a nutshell…

We each had interesting childhoods that left us looking for love in all the wrong places. Let’s sum that up by saying that we often reflect upon where we would’ve ended up had God not intervened, and then quickly quit that game because I don’t think it would have been pretty.

We went to a tiny Christian school and knew each other since we were 12. The first time I saw him, I thought he was soooo cute. I also thought he was a bit cocky and mentioned that to someone and it got back to him. He wrote me a note then and it was dramatic, let me tell ya, and tried to explain that he just “needed to come out of the woodwork.” I remember sighing and saying, “Hmmm…Alison Kirksey.” That may be the last time we talked until we were in 11th grade. We were in a class of like 12 and managed to avoid each other for about 4 years!! Then, in science we sat at a lab table across from each other and both of us would yawn (no offense, Mr. Hellwig) and cry. You see, we both have this strange thing where our eyes water when we yawn. So that made us laugh and opened up conversation and before too long, the aforementioned volleyball game.
We quickly headed down a dangerous path. We knew how much we loved each other and knew that no one else would understand the reality of that. We knew we were doing some things wrong, but felt somewhat helpless to change the tide. We were about to graduate and knew we were headed different directions and all we wanted was to be together and knew that was impossible.
When the little line said a life had been created, I must say we were ecstatic and terrified. We literally laughed and laughed because we had just found our way out of our planned paths without really meaning to.
Then we quit laughing because we had a lot of music to face. And that was not pretty. We decided to get things in order and make it right in whatever way we could. We began by confessing what we had done (though we could’ve hidden it until we graduated) to our student body and to our church body in order to take it out of the hands of the enemy, and begin our lives together with a forgiven, clean slate. We felt forgiven by some, humbled, and beyond excited for our future together.

We loved everything about being married. We loved each stage of the game from one baby to eventually three. We have always been very best friends and navigated the bumps and paths holding tightly to the hand of the One Who gave us the gift of each other. (A cord of three strands is not easily broken. Ecc. 4:12) Christian worked very hard and has always provided well for us, but he traveled a LOT worldwide and around the country in addition to his regular hours at the office and we missed him! We were beyond blessed when two years ago he got a job working still in the jet engine industry but doing so from home–wherever that home may be.
Words cannot describe what a gift it is to me to be with my husband every day. I don’t think everyone could or should have so many hours together, but for us, it is ideal. With the kids doing school from home for the past 7 years, we are good to go~and we do! We just completed our goal of road-tripping all 48 states together. Over the years we have driven here, there, and everywhere and decided to squeeze the last 13 into one big ol’ trip. Hence, the other blog…

So here we are all these years later. I’m feeling reflective.
Today some guys came and got rid of the furniture we’ve had for 15 years or so, and other guys came and brought some more. It was time. The cheap side of me struggles with major purchases, but my sweet husband pointed out the ripped cushions, faded color, broken frame and springs on our navy brown (used to be blue) pretend leather couches.
So that man, bless his heart, bought me a couch, love couch (love seat to some) and chair for Valentine’s Day. Some girls get roses and chocolate. This spoiled girl got couches. I think he knew that it would be harder to say no if it was a gift. And then he followed up with, “If you still want candy, look through the cushions of the old couch and any candy you find is all yours.” Does it get any better?


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