Being a hero

Two nights ago I found myself awake much too late. I’m a night owl and rarely go to sleep before midnight, but 2:30 was too much for even this girl.

I have somehow gained a reputation for not being the nicest when awakened prior to what I deem necessary. To hear my family tell about this one would think I grew fangs and claws. It’s not that bad! In my defense, I must say that I’ve always been a sleeper. I truly slept 17 hours straight once because no one woke me up. Granted, that was back in the teenage years, and immediately following those years I had babies and none of them were very good sleepers. Add to that a husband that is quite the sound sleeper and you have a momma that was awake for what felt like years straight.
They owe me a LOT of uninterrupted sleep and although I whine and complain when awakened too early, I really am not the monster they make me out to be. There is only one reason to get up before 8:00 and that is vacation. If it’s in the “sevens” I am cranky. The “sixes” and I might act a bit hostile.

So, back to my story. My precious Jack Russell, Lily, who is very much the baby around here has some skin issues that tend to make her miserably itchy.

She is currently switching medications and has not much relief as of yet for her itchy body. This keeps her awake at night and also may have affected her potty schedule. This particular night she started her ridiculous screechy-whine just after I finally fell asleep at 12:30. I kept my cool and despite my frustration came out and pretty calmly told her to hush up and went back to bed and a half an hour later fell asleep. That’s when the screeching started again. My heart was pounding. I was pretty irritated now and had to control myself to not react too strongly. “What if she just has to go potty?” I asked myself. Can you imagine being in a cage and having to face the idea of pooping your own bed? I figured I would be her hero. Mommy to the rescue and she would be so grateful and sweet this time, right?
So, I kept my mouth shut and sacrificed my warm bed and got up to let her out. She squatted for quite a while and then we both settled back in-again. Thirty minutes later it began again. I was done being the hero. I let my claws show just long enough to get the rest of my night of sleep.

I read voraciously. Christian says no one reads a book faster. I don’t know about that, but I do love a good story. There are just great nuggets of wisdom to be found in stories! I just finished a book called “Unconventional.” It lived up to its title. My new favorite quote came from this book.
“The greatest and most inspiring achievements are not produced by those who conform to society’s idea of normal, but by those who courageously adopt the unconventional.” Well said!

But the story was about this guy with a rough life and big dreams who came from a pretty rough family life and was pretty much going solo parent-wise. God brought people into his life at just the right time who filled every gap.

I so relate with this. Having lost parents within six months of each other, but worse, lost them emotionally a long time ago, I have always had people who deeply love me come along side and fill in all those gaps in my heart. It’s remarkable, and if I didn’t already know how much my God loves me, just the timing of those relationships alone would prove Him.
“Mothers” have come along and built me up and shown me what nurture and love look like. “Fathers” have come along and just hugged me and taught me that love doesn’t need to be earned. “Grandparents” have come into my kids’ lives that spend time with them and fill their love cup.
These people are my heroes. I want to be available to be that kind of hero. In fact, what greater purpose is there?
I’m convinced that all of the people just existing would find depth and purpose again if they could just find someone to be a hero to. Too many aimless existences lead to frustration and depression and hopelessness. I’ve seen it time and again.
We all have the potential to make someone’s day. Even better, to make an unforgettable impact on someone’s very life by just showing love. Guaranteed there are gaps in several people around each of us that are just waiting to be noticed.
Isn’t that really just the easiest way to sum up our purpose? To live out what Jesus lived by example?
Be available to shower love.

Some heart may be longing for only a word,
Whose love by the Spirit is quickened and stirred;
Now grant, blessed Savior, this service to me,
Of speaking a comforting message for Thee.



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