One Day Down!!

I am excited! I think we are at the start of something big, and you all are a huge part of it.

A few days ago, in the previous post I issued a challenge to any takers to begin a journey of awareness about what comes out of our mouths. The goal is to quit complaining for 30 days. To view that post, you can click on the right side of this page where it says, “Anyone up for a challenge?” or at the bottom of this post you can click older post.

Many of you shared the link with your friends and family via facebook, and I am thrilled to say that it has spread like wildfire! That blog has gotten a crazy amount of exposure, and I am hearing from many friends and strangers regarding their desire to wear a bracelet and stop complaining!

If I haven’t heard from you yet, I would love to! Please feel free to comment and let me know how you are doing!

I have heard from some who have said that they would love to begin, but at that moment they were sick and needed to wait to start until they felt better. I have heard from others who said “NO WAY!” because they were just at a tough place in their life and knew that they couldn’t start this now. I have heard from many who said they were ready for the next level of what God had from them and were thrilled to begin the challenge.

Interestingly enough, it seems that Focus on the Family ran a radio program that promoted the same idea on the same day that I wrote my blog! I think God is up to something here.

In our house, Christian and I have donned the bracelets. Our girls made us lovely bracelets on our RV trip and we are using those as our accountability markers.

Day four of the challenge I finally made it a full day without complaining. I must say that having people holding me accountable is key because I was finding that I didn’t even notice the things I complain about. Things just fly out of my mouth! Can anyone relate? I have thought about changing to a really thick rubber band that I can snap when I mess up. Maybe that would stick with me more!

I am finding that I do really well each day until I start talking. :o)

I am learning to rephrase.

Before I said, “Really? Your playing that music again?”
Now I say, “Wow! You must really like that song!”

Or, “I hate when you drive with your knee on the steering wheel instead of your hand!” which has become, “Would you like me to hold your coffee so you can have your hands free?”

I’m sure I have work to do on my face as I control my mouth. I’m pretty sure sometimes those words come from gritted teeth and a not so genuine smile, but baby steps, right? Like I tell my students, any progress is good progress.

The first step for me is actually thinking about what I’m saying it before I say it. Being in control of what comes out of my mouth is an even bigger challenge than controlling what goes in it! Who knew!?

Let’s be encouraging each other. Check in with folks you know that have begun. Continue to share the link, and if you haven’t begun yet, just do it. What do you have to lose?

I hope that I am becoming a nicer person to be around. All the more reason to share this challenge with those you love. Then we are all more optimistic, self-controlled people in this thing together.

“Set a watch before my mouth, O Lord. Keep the door my lips.” Psalm 141:3


One thought on “One Day Down!!

  1. I love this! At first I thought, “Well, I don’t think it could be that hard. I don’t complain much!”Then I read your (very amazingly eye-opening)examples. Wow!Okay … I’m going to really think on these things now and take heed on what exits my mouth!~ Kris Slager ~

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