Birthday Season

I suppose this morning of all mornings I have the right to wax nostalgic. It was, after all, two decades ago almost to the minute that I was born to motherhood. A state of being that altered my existence beyond my imagination and forever changed the shape of my heart. Six pounds, eleven ounces of a gorgeous little blond boy turned a couple of kids into a momma and a daddy and we’ve loved every single second. And, in retrospect, to contemplate how the enemy attempted to wipe us out; but God had such an amazing victory in store. One that would change the course of generations. But, I digress…

This is a big birthday year at our house. We’ve been talking about this year for some time now, knowing it was coming. This year Justin exits the teen years (though none of us have thought of him as a teen for some time now), Addie turns eighteen (which makes her, according to some standards, an adult), and Kyrsten enters the teen years (odd because everyone thinks she’s fifteen already.)

My kids were due on November 3rd, 5th, and 7th in their respective years. That’s because Christian and I love to plan and schedule. NOT! No, we wanted our babies desperately, but certainly did not know things would be so organized!
Each fall that I was pregnant, I began laboring on October 18th. I was the Queen of False Labor. Justin was born some 40+ hours later (I know, I’ve been waiting for my medal for that one),

Addie, pretty close to schedule,

Kyrsten, several days late.

Yesterday, I had lunch with Kyrsten and two lifelong friends–a mother/daughter pair. The adults were saying how it doesn’t seem possible that my littlest was a baby THIRTEEN years ago! Where did the time go? Kyrsten, however, thinks thirteen years has been quite a long time! :o)
Time is a weird thing isn’t it? I told her that I think it’s like when you’re riding in a car. If you’re young, it’s like looking out the windshield where things are coming toward you somewhat slowly. If you’re older, like me, it’s like looking out the side window and things are whipping by the window. Age even more, and it seems the view is more and more about the rear window and looking back.
My wise friend, Jenny said, “What a good analogy! The older we get the more we find ourselves looking at where we’ve been.”
So true. I imagine it won’t feel like too long, and Christian and I will be waxing nostalgic about the kids and grandkids and the good old days of yesteryear–but then again, you can’t really stare out the back window of a Harley, can you?

Happy Birthdays, my babies…

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