A love letter…

As I lie in bed at the end of a day, and all is finally still, Lord, I’m so glad that You love me.

I climb up on Your lap and know that You have been waiting for me to slow down and notice You. You always care about the condition of my heart. Not what I did or didn’t accomplish. You just want to hear my voice and soothe my spirit.
And there’s no place like Your lap. Here is where I breathe, and hear You whisper. Thank You for the way You let me know how much I matter. No fancy words needed when it’s just You and me. There is no order necessary in our conversation. You just know me and want me to know You more.
I simply love You. You showed me how. This is a good place to be.

As I wake in the morning, I face a fresh, new day~full of Your amazing promises to me.

I step into that fresh start with joy in my heart and peace deep inside because all is right in my world because of You. I have no reason to worry~You have taught me how to trust You fully. And, if I forget, I bring my concern to You, and You carry my load.
I am not afraid anymore. All I have is from You, and I know how much You love me so I leave it all in Your hands. You take such good care of me!
You even care about my little details. I love when You help me find my keys when I can’t, or put one of “our songs” on at just the right moment. Or when you send someone across my path to say just what You wanted me to hear.
You speak peace into my spirit and breathe life into broken places.
You know me so well.
I simply love You. You showed me how. This is a good place to be.


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