Young love and other such engagements…

Sometime this year, my Addie-girl will take on a new title and a new last name.  She will move out from under our covering and under the covering of another.  Yes, very recently, on top of a very high sand dune overlooking the lake, the boy I had been praying for my daughter’s whole life confirmed that it was him all along.

I knew it would be this particular guy from the moment I first heard about him, but that was my secret to keep until he and I had a long walk and heart-to-heart talk.  And there have been lots of those talks since then between him and each member of this family. 
You don’t just casually walk into this group.  Too much love and closely knit ties to just barge in upon.  Those who know us, know that truth.  Here trust is hard-earned.  
He has done well.  
The other day, I heard him describe our crazy family to a newcomer who looked a bit overwhelmed at the dinner table by our lively, jovial dinner.  He said something like, “At first, I thought it was strange, too, but it definitely grows on you.” 
Now, he says he wants in.  (mwahahaha)

Last week he sat across the table from his FFIL (future father-in-law) and bravely asked for our daughter’s hand.  My husband, I’m sure with big tears in his eyes described how she’s been ours for so long to love and protect and handing her over into his care is not something we take lightly.  He reiterated the need for the new guy to be able to provide spiritually, emotionally, and financially for her and be willing to take on that commitment wholeheartedly if Daddy said yes. 
And then, Daddy said yes.  I’m sure with a few memories running around in the back of his mind of asking for my hand once upon a time.  Only my daddy wasn’t so sure about my boy, and we were both hoping he didn’t get met at the door with a certain shotgun.

These two are silly and giddy, smart and committed, young but with God’s help, capable.  We know firsthand that the road of a young married couple is not always easy.  We know firsthand that the road of ANY married couple is not always easy.  Age is not the determiner.  And if we all waited until we had it all together until we joined hearts and hands with another, there would be no such thing as marriage.  It’s pretty neat to go through all that life has to offer with a hand to hold and a shoulder nearby for crying upon.  And a nearby high-five every now and again.  
When God lines it up, you don’t really say no.  
Folks will have opinions.  Don’t they always? Two eighteen year olds would have to beat the odds to make it in this world, right? Well, then.  Let’s cheer them on!  God’s right in the center where He should be, and a cord of three strands is not easily broken.  So, for the love of Addie and Austin and what God is creating in them, please just pray for them.  Pray that they will continue to be a testimony of the goodness and graciousness of their God.  And that they will know His joy and be established firmly in His love.  
And two former eighteen-year-old-young-married-folks-who-beat-the-odds thank you for that. 

Click here for some more about why we support young marriage if God is in it. 


3 thoughts on “Young love and other such engagements…

  1. Oh my goodness….first let me say congrats on the engagement of your daughter! Second, as I read this I got tears in my eyes because for that moment in time I was standing in your shoes thinking about a mom’s perspective on her baby moving out. While I’ve not yet experienced this, as I was reading your words I felt as though it was me. I remember when you and this girl’s daddy were dating and then got married. I wasn’t there for the marriage, but I find it interesting how natural it was back then to be concerned about two 18 year olds getting married so young….and now thinking the same thing. But I like you spin or view on this…to encourage them, to support them because like you said, if God is in it, it really doesn’t matter what our opinion is! So again, THANK YOU! for guiding me into a new perspective on young people getting married. Again, CONGRATS!!!

    • Thank you, Anita for taking the time to comment and for your honesty. Yes, my mother’s heartstrings are being tugged. But, in this last year, Addie has learned a lot, and one of the biggest lessons she learned (from a few weeks apart from us) was the importance of the support and love of her family. So, I’m grateful to be able to be near as she begins this journey. I know our perspective is different than most–most assuredly due to our story. We are proud of these two. They have dated a year and learned a lot and grown a lot, and are keeping things in order. What more can you ask for, right?So, again, I thank you for your comment. I always like to hear what people are thinking!

  2. Congratulations to you all. I am very excted for Addie. She is such a wonderful young lady with such a pure heart, just like her mother.

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