Wait for it…


It’s official, I’ve just retired. Oh my goodness! I am finally done! I am ready to dance around my house and do some cartwheels! After twenty-two and a half years of piano teaching, I am done. On to the next challenge…

I have loved my job. No question about that. I have gotten to know hundreds of students and almost as many families. I have made life-long friends and connected with people I’m sure I never would have without the bridge of music. I have heard some amazing music, but mostly heard countless hours of really bad music. I heard someone say once that hell was having to listen to bad music. I won’t go that far, but there were definitely days I think I deserved some sort of medal.

I have heard EXCUSES!! The dog ate my homework? Puhleeeze! If only I had written them all down! I have had children with gas, parents with attitudes, and fantastic recitals. I have wiped some tears while a song kicked their butt, and seen those same kids triumphant after they kicked the song’s butt! I have witnessed my own three become simply fabulous musicians–two of which have taught piano lessons themselves!

I have learned an awful lot. You learn the most from teaching, you know. It’s one thing to know a little about something–enough to apply it. It’s a whole ‘nother animal to explain it to someone else who may or may not have an “I have absolutely NO IDEA what the heck you’re talking about” kind of look on their face. Try it. You’ll see what I mean.

But, once upon a time, when I had twenty-four students a week for years straight, and I couldn’t see an end in sight, it would have really helped for me to know that someday, I would be able to move on to something else; that I wouldn’t have to do this forever.

You see, one of my biggest life lessons has been that everything is just a phase. This has helped me through countless stages with my kids–potty-training, sleepless nights, PUBERTY, their music choices, their styles, bad attitudes……

It has helped me through my own stages and changes as well. No huge marital misunderstanding, ridiculous job or hours or travel schedule, financial situation or personal struggle lasts forever.

You just have to realize that, hold on, and wait for it…

The flip side of this is that the good stuff doesn’t last forever either. Like how your baby’s breath actually smells good for awhile. That does NOT last.

In fact, as I’m facing right this very minute, those babies grow up and find other people who love them and then they prepare to move out from under your roof and under another! So much for babies!

And how cute your new kitten is, and how that new puppy can do no wrong. Sorry. And vacation…ahh…if only…

But the important stuff, the big life decisions, those wrap around the little ones and hold you up through them. What I mean is, the good choices you’ve made, say a wise choice in a spouse, holds you up when you haven’t slept because of that precious baby in six months.

And the choice to serve a loving God wholeheartedly makes a world of difference when you can’t find anything good about anything, and then you remember that He is good and He is enough.

And learning through some really difficult life circumstances to stand on His strength and your own two legs makes all the difference the next time a day (or whole entire year) stinks.

It’s all a phase, after all. This life and all it’s stuff, it’s not forever. And if you don’t think you can get through this part, look toward the next good thing and WAIT FOR IT…

(Friends, this world is not your home, so don’t make yourselves cozy in it. 1 Peter 2:11)






4 thoughts on “Wait for it…

  1. Thank you Alison for your words today as they touched me deeply, I know that my hubby sits with our Lord and these hurts of mine is a phase. Still all the “wondering & why’s” but I know with our Lord I & the children can get through this. Blessings Kristy Carty

    • Kristy,Though you may not know it, this family has been praying for you and cheering you on from a distance. I am so very proud of you for the obvious growth of your strength through devastating circumstances with no good answer to the “wondering and why’s”. YES! You most certainly will get through this. And you will know Him so much better after this precious time in His lap. I am grateful beyond words that God used my simple little words to touch your heart. You are loved…Alison

  2. Wonderful words of wisdom, ALison, and CONGRATULATIONS on your retirement, from one of the many parents of one of the many students. I think back to those times often when my weekly schedule just ran itself – church on Sunday, piano on Monday,groceries on Tuesday, etc. and I’m thankful that I had a wonderful teacher (my mom) who taught me the very same lesson you have given here…only she called it “A SEASON”. Whether we call it a phase or a season – there are 4 little words that make all the difference: THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Just like you said, even the good ones pass. But I’ve realized that as one good phase delivers us to the next rocky one, and then again – the foundation of a God who NEVER changes makes it all bearable. Thanks for sharing, and from one mom who has entered the season you are embarking on – it get’s better! I promise!

    • Thank you, Amy for the congrats! I’m pretty much congratulating myself every single day!This too, shall pass. Wise words, indeed!! I’ve heard them echoing in my head all week. It’s a great season, and I know it will get easier. It’s just those darn growing pains! When I was little and had growing pains in my legs, I would curl up in a ball in my bed until they got better. I must say, there are days the curling up in bed part sound awfully tempting, :o) but, we do what moms do and press on, don’t we? Thanks for the comment and encouragement, friend. It was much appreciated.

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