Sit, Alison. Good girl.

Usually, in September, I’m very busy mourning the death of summer. I know, I know, a Michigan fall has a beauty all its own, but it’s no secret I’m a summer girl through and through. My lake and I, we have this ‘thing.’ And, in case you missed it, Lake Michigan this August was spectacular. Though I squeezed my beach time into an hour at a time instead of whole afternoons, and less than a dozen visits instead of the usual dozens this year due to the ‘summer of the wedding,’ my lake and I were as close as ever until one ridiculously early in September day, she turned on me. And did this…

But, because of how crazy-busy this summer was, I think I am ready to move to the next thing. Michigan is such a beautiful picture of how God allows all things for a season. The next season has both its moods and its beauty, but nothing lasts forever.

The wedding (or as Addie calls it, her perfect princess day) was, indeed, perfect. The weather, the covenant, the way every detail came together, the love we were shown…everything.

I have had zero moments of sadness in sending my daughter off which feels like a miracle in my heart and mind. She is so happy living the dream God gave her that I could never begrudge her that. We raise them to live their dreams, and I find it thrilling to watch them come to fruition.

So, in the aftermath of all the wedding work, I find myself in a stall pattern with a splinted right arm for the last couple days. Of course it’s when I have out-of-town guests coming to stay and a million other things to do. Thankfully, I have people willing to help me, but it doesn’t really ease the frustration of wanting to be able to do something and being incapable of doing it.
And as I fretted yesterday a still, small voice whispered, “Be still.”
Still?!? I’ve been canning and cleaning and running crazily around like the proverbial chicken for so long that I chafe to have to sit at all!

You know the definition of insanity, right? To keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

So, the only thing that’s going to fix this predicament I’m in, is to do the opposite of what got me here in the first place.

Ugh. There’s a lesson there, right?
Did ya ever notice that God knew exactly the things that would be challenging for His impatient, silly kids to be able to remember to do so He gave us specific reminders. Not things like charge forward, take the bull by the horns, or do it your way; things like ask, seek, wait, be still. Husbands, love. Wives submit. (For more on this click here.)
None of them easy, but all developing our character.

So, I guess my pause button has been hit. I’m going to accept some help and take some time to enjoy the beauty of this amazing autumn I’ve been given.

Please excuse me. Apparently my character needs developing.

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