A quick follow-up to Sticks and Stones

I wrestled with writing Sticks and Stones for several days before I posted it.  Actually, upon reflection, I have been wrestling for about two years with writing it;  knowing I would, but not sure how.
It was difficult for me to write for so many reasons.

For one thing, there is so much I want to say, but won’t because it doesn’t serve a  purpose and wouldn’t reflect well.  So this makes it challenging to know exactly WHAT to say.
For another, I brace myself for backlash.  It’s out there, but this time I didn’t hear it.  This time, I received only love and graciousness, empathy and kindness.
I also heard through various avenues of communication that there were other women who could relate in their own ways.

The day I was deciding whether or not to hit the “publish” button, Christian and I drove through a blizzard into town to run an errand.  I had been praying about whether or not to post the blog.  I walked into a grocery store and from behind me, I hear my name.
It was the beautiful lady who I had referred to in my blog who related so well with my story.  There she was!!  What are the odds?  Christian looked at my surprised face and asked if I needed any more confirmation about whether or not I should send my words out into cyberspace.
Nope.  A huge, sweet hug from my new friend helped my day along and we set up a coffee date.
It was yesterday.  It was absolutely a precious time in which we related and shared and told each other our stories and prayed and wondered if there were any women out there that would like to meet and talk and relate and share their stories.
And begin to heal.

At the end of our meeting she told me she was going to give me a hug from a mother.  The kind of hug a real mother would give her little girl.  She whispered words of love in my ear and told me I am beautiful and worth loving.  It was quite a moment in my life.  One I’ll never forget.

On that note, I want to say thank you to everyone who read and shared Sticks and Stones and especially those who took the time to comment or contact me.
If you live in my area and are interested in meeting to share and relate, please contact me by leaving a comment at the bottom of this blog.  We extend the invitation with open arms and hearts and are praying that our hearts will connect with yours.
In His love…


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