Just listen…

I recently found myself home alone.  It was in the peak of color season here in our little corner of the world.  I had been itching to get out and try to capture a bit of the color with my real camera.  When morning approached and with it my little block of time, I pulled the covers up higher and groaned a *no thank you* groan and headed back to dream-land.

Until a still, small voice whispered, “C’mon, Alison!  Get up!  I have to show you something.”

I avoided the mirror which meant ignoring schmeared eye makeup and sticky-uppy hairs and put on my cute boots with my pajamas, grabbed my camera and anticipated holy moments with my Creator in the midst of His amazingness.

Just look what I found…


So when He whispers, listen.



–And here are a few more from our area and property on recent days just for your enjoyment.  Yes, we’ve already had lots of snow!


All images are my own and may not be reproduced or copied without permission.





6 thoughts on “Just listen…

  1. Oh Alison! These are beautiful! I remember Justin and I seeing the church the morning I was leaving to come home, and it was all lit up with the Sun of our God! So amazing and you captured it in a print!! This is fabulous! All of these are so special! I even have seen some of them, love it up there! I sometimes wish God would direct me to do such special things as taking a picture of His wonder and share it with others, what a gift He has given you! I love you! MOM

    • Awww! Thanks so much, Mom, for the sweet compliments. :o)
      I keep finding myself taking pictures of the windows of that church. Each season makes it look different and beautiful. That morning glow is so stunning. He is amazing. I’m so glad you appreciate the beauty, too. ♥️

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